To WOD της Κυριακής 29/6/2014

Warm up Run Workout 5 rounds of Row, 15 calories 10 reps, front squat @ 50% rm 5 reps, hand stand push ups Work up to 75% of max heart rate Rest...

Το WOD του Σαββάτου 31/08/2013

Weighted ring dips Πηγή

To WOD της Παρασκευής 31/1/2014

Warm up Run Skill Vertical jump Workout 3 sets of, 8 reps, box depth jumps to vertical jumps Rest 4′ between sets 6 sets of, Sprint, 40 meters @ incline road Rest 5′ between...

Το WOD του Σαββάτου 25/10/2014

Warm upGood morningsSkillSnatch balance Workout 10 sets of Back squat @ 85% rm Rest 2' between sets 5 sets of 2 reps, bench press @ 90% rm Rest 2' between sets Cooldown Toes...

To WOD της Παρασκευής 21/06/2013

5 Rounds for time of: 10m hand stand walk 250m row Πηγή:    

To WOD της Τρίτης 8/10/2013

For time 100 double unders 50 box jumps & 60/50 cm 40 over head squat @ 40/25 kg 30 c2bar pull-ups 20 hand stand push ups 10 weighted pistols @...

Το WOD της Παρασκευής 8/8/2014

Warm up Burpees Workout 5 rounds of Row, 750 meters Run, 400 meters Work @ 70% max heart rate Cooldown Ice bath Πηγή: ATP LAB

Το WOD της Τρίτης 25/3/2014

Warm up Shoulder mobility Workout reps of Push ups Rest 45 seconds between reps of Toes to bar Rest 45 seconds between Cooldown Back extensions Πηγή: ATP LAB

Το WOD της Τρίτης 31/12/2013

Warm up Bear walk   Skill practice Hand stand push ups against wall   Workout 4 sets of 40 seconds, wall ball shots (9/6kg) Rest 20″ between sets 4 sets of 15 reps, Kb swings...

Το WOD της Κυριακής 10/8/2014

Warm upHip mobility Skill  Long jump Workout  5 sets of 8 reps, 10 kg wall ball shots ( as fast and high as possible) Rest 3' between sets 6 sets of...